Recreational activities

Combine rest with adventure


Perfectly adapted to the natural environment, the 4 star facility may provide to our guests high quality services and unforgettable yoga experiences.

Starting from the unique location of the hotel, our guests can live their dream enjoying the beautiful view of the endless blue of the Aegean and on the other side admiring the wild beauty of the vertical mountains exactly above our contemporary facilities. In addition το the stunning surroundings, Carian Hotel has large open spaces suitable for yoga training either on the terrace (1st level), or in the garden (2ndlevel) or in the pool area(3rd level).

With all the above, comes the affordable luxury of the accommodation that guarantee the absolute calm and rest on holidays.

Moreover, the ‘Calliope wellness and Spa’ within the hotel can offer all kind of body treatments and relaxation as well as ‘Carian rent a car’ give the choice of exploring magical places of Kalymnos in low prices.


When visiting Kalymnos you should definitely experience scuba diving. Thanks to the long tradition in diving and in the sponge- related activities, the Kalymnians are experts in sea diving and they will gladly share their secrets with you.

The sea bed of Kalymnos is one of the most interesting in the Mediterranean, rich in vegetation and marine life, shipwrecks and underwater caves. Carian Hotel can guarantee diving along with some of the finest professionals in a national level making scuba diving on Kalymnos, a safe and memorable experience.

For more information visit the Kalymnos diving.